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I. Area of application
These terms of business are valid for contracts about the on hire surrender of hotel rooms, conference, banquet and event rooms of the hotel as well as for all other achievements hanging together with it and deliveries of the hotel. Terms of business of the contract taker find only use if this was agreed expressly in writing.

II. Completion of the contract and contract contents
Offers of the hotel are always not-binding. The contract comes about by the acceptance of the hotel. It stays empty to the hotel to confirm the reservation in writing.
The unterrenting and wide renting of the überlassenen hotel rooms, event rooms, surfaces or glass cabinets as well as the use of the rented rooms and surfaces to interviews, sales and similar events is not permitted basically and needs the previous written approval of the hotel.

The customer acquires no claim to the supply of certain rooms. As far as nothing else is agreed, hotel rooms have come off on the journey day 14:00 o'clock to take up (in time). The customer has no right to former supply.
On the agreed departure day the rooms are to be made available to the hotel at the latest at 10:00 o'clock (check out time) removed. Then the hotel on account of the late clearing of the room for his contract-crossing use till 13.00 o'clock can charge for 50% of the current price, from 13.00 o'clock 100%. Contractual claims of the customer are not founded through this. It stays empty to him to prove that to the hotel nobody or a substantially lower claim to compensation fee has originated.

III. Prices, payment
The customer is obliged to pay for the accomodation and/or event as well as other achievements taken up by him to valid or agreed prices of the hotel in bar or with credit card.
The agreed prices enclose the respective value added tax and from city introduced on the 01.07.2013 Tax.
The account occurs in euro. With foreign currencies the course differences and bank charges go to loads to the payment for obligated party. Deposits in foreign currency are brought with the day of the Valutierung in charge to the whole calculation.

All extra services are made against pecuniary.

The hotel is entitled to require any time an adequate pre-payment for the guarantee of the reservation. The height of the pre-payment is determined by hotel individually.
Complaints for the calculation lapping are to be informed immediately after announcement compared with the hotel.

IV. Resignation of the hotel
If an agreed advance payment is not made, the hotel is entitled to the resignation of the contract.
Further the hotel is entitled to withdraw for essentially justified reason from the contract, for example, if
higher power or other circumstances not to be represented by the hotel the fulfilment of the contract impossible make,
Accomodations as well as events under delusive or false statement of essential facts, e.g., of the customer
or purpose, are booked,
The hotel has to inform the customer of the exercise of the right to rescind immediately.
With entitled resignation of the hotel there originates no claim of the customer on compensation.

V. Hotel order
Every guest is to be announced obliged his stay in the adoption and to identify himself with a valid travel document.

For a guaranteed booking with a credit card, you must present the credit card at check-in.
During your hotel stay the adoption is available to you for questions and wishes round-the-clock (24h).
If you wish that the aloof room is already available to you in the morning, the last night is also calculated to you, because we cannot rent the room then because of the early departure.
If you liked to extend your stay, turn please till 10:00 o'clock to the adoption.
The breakfast is served Monday till Sunday between 07:00 o'clock and 10:00 o'clock.
The people who are no hotel company may not stay on the hotel rooms.
Unfortunately, domestic animals are not permitted at this hotel. We thank for your understanding.
Please, conclude with the abandonment of the room always.
Make sure that with the abandonment of the room all taps are closed and the lights as well as electrical appliances are switched off.

From 22:00 o'clock to 07:00 o'clock we hold night's rest. We ask you to ourselves during this time to keep quiet and to show consideration for other hotel company.
The smoking in the rooms and throughout the hotel is prohibited.
We ask you no objects from the rooms to remove and to change no space installation.
We ask you most politely all technical defects immediately in the adoption to announce

The bed linen is changed once, and towels twice a week.
Objects which are highly flammable or explosive or have an unpleasant smell are not allowed in the room. It is also prohibited to light the candles in the rooms.
In the event of a fire, we ask you to follow the evacuation plan, which is in the corridor. Please inform the reception immediately. In the case of a deliberate triggering of the fire detector, the responsible person assumes the costs of the fire brigade intervention.
Consumption and storage of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited. In the case of non-observance, the hotel staff has the right to ensure the prohibited goods and inform the police.
Use of your own electrical appliances, which are not part of the hotel, is strictly prohibited. These electrical appliances are temporarily secured by the hotel and returned to the guests upon departure.
Guests who incite a moral or material damage to the hotel, or other guests and violate the hotel terms and conditions, will be subject to an immediate house ban. The rest of the stay will be canceled with 100% charges.
Cigarette butts and all other items are strictly forbidden to be expelled from the window, you are thus punishable.
The following persons are responsible for supervising the consideration of the House Rules:
- the owner and manager
- the hotel staff

VI. Liability of the hotel
Claims to compensation, immediately for which legal argument, become ausge closed, unless, intention is to be accused of the hotel or it must answer for own coarse carelessness or coarse carelessness of his legal representatives or leading employees as well as his other fulfilment assistants or the compensation claim resulted from the injury of contract-essential duties. A liability existing afterwards is limited in all cases of easy Fahrläs sigkeit after the height to the predictable damage typical for contract. The liability for damages from the injury of the life, the body or the health remains untouched.
The hotel bears no responsibility for property of the guest in the hotel room and on the parking bay.
The hotel assumes no liability for forgotten - or left objects

VII. Liability of the customer
The customer sticks for damages to building and/or inventory which are caused by himself, his members of the family or guests, according to the legal regulations.

VIII. Cancellation terms
A cancellation is possible to 10 days (18.00 o'clock CET) before journey free of charge. With later cancellation or non-journey the reservation sum of your credit card is calculated and the rest of the stay is automatically cancelled.
With fair times or other events in Berlin a free cancellation is not possible.

With reservations of more than 3 rooms separate regulations and additional feescan come into force. This reservation is notvalid from now on as cancelable.

IX. Final regulations
Changes or supplements of the contract, including this written form clause, must occur in writing.
Place of fulfilment and place of payment is the seat of the hotel.
Exclusive legal venue is the seat of the hotel in the business traffic.
It is worth German right.